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if im not careful this will become a lipton shrine but is that so bad? lipton

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Bleach was the series that got me into shounen! Out of all the anime that were out as that time this one really stuck out to me mainly because of how close the main cast was, along with the little nuances of Kubo's writing. Of course the art was a huge draw as well, and I'm a big sucker for stories that bridge the worlds of life and death ^//^)
i'm hesitant to open commissions but i should just go for it huh?
lately i've been getting out much more! hanging out with friends and relatives and such >:] i can feel my power levels gorwing, just gotta keep up this flow!
name maita
pronouns she/they
age 24
hello everyone and welcome to my site! a home away from home perhaps... feel free to look around!


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